Voting for July DOTM via Smart Contract is LIVE — Vote Now!

As we shared in our latest post, IoTeX is launching the Delegate Badges Program to make Delegate contributions, achievements, and commitments more transparent to the IoTeX community.

We are excited to announce the first winners of the IoTeX Delegate of the Month (DOTM) badge. But first, we need YOU to help vote!

Voting Instructions

All IoTeX stakeholders are eligible to vote — each IoTeX wallet will have 3 total votes for 3 different candidates (note: DOTM voting is NOT stake-weighted). This month, there are 12 DOTM candidates to choose from!

The top 5 voted Delegates will be named DOTM. Each DOTM will receive 5 million votes from IoTeX Foundation + top placement on for one month, as well as a permanent DOTM badge on their voting profile.

All IoTeX stakeholders can vote via smart contract on the IoTeX Polls page:

DOTM Candidates (alphabetical order)


GameFantasy, run by IoTeX Ambassador Wang Qiang, is one of the most active Delegates in the IoTeX China community. He created a fan club to promote IoTeX and its innovations. GameFantasy is fully devoted to establish and expand the IoTeX community in China every day!


Hashbuy, a decentralized IoT marketplace, has committed thousands of the latest IoT products to be given away to the IoTeX Community in VitaMart! Hashbuy also connects IoTeX to global IoT manufacturers / distributors. Their support is crucial to the success of IoTeX & VITA!


IOSG is an early IoTeX investor, providing support in community growth and new business opportunities. IOSG organized community campaigns totaling 350,000 IOTX + 100,000 VITA, as well as in-person IoTeX meetups in Shanghai and NYC. They also maintain a community group of 160+ supporters!


IoTask is a true #BUIDLer. They have developed an amazing Python library that allows developers to interact with IoTeX APIs using Python. IoTask has also built a functional IoTask website that tracks live Delegate rewards. Finally, they presented IoTeX with interesting business opportunities in Brazil.

IoTeX Cobo Node

IoTeX Cobo Node launched the first mobile voting DApp for the IoTeX Delegate Program back in April 2019! Since then, they have added more new features, added support of the IoTeX Native token, and held multiple exciting giveaways for the IoTeX community! We are glad to have Cobo’s support.

IoTeX Geeks

IoTeX Geeks is one of the most active IoTeX Delegates. Since April, they developed a virtual Telegram Wallet, launched multiple version of IoTeX Geeks Desktop Wallet for Mac, Linux, Windows (IOTX, IOTX-E, two-way swaps — video here), and more! Keep on #BUIDLing!

IoTeX Lab

IoTeX Lab, run by IoTeX Ambassador Simone, is a well-known figure in IoTeX Network. From the IoTeX Explained video series to attending in-person meetups on behalf of IoTeX to Blockchain + IoT demos on Raspberry Pi to education + tools on the beautiful IoTeX Lab website, Simone & IoTeX Lab does it all!


IoTeXTeam (StakingTeam) contributes to IoTeX in many unique ways! On the tech side, they created a tutorial for running iotex-core on Pine64, and consistently help IoTeX Foundation with development and troubleshooting. To support community transparency, they have built a voting dashboard and wrote Staking guides.

IoTeX Union

IoTeX Union, run by IoTeX Ambassador Dariya, is a huge asset for IoTeX! They develop informative video tutorials to guide new voters and actively build IoTeX English/Russian communities. They also manage IoTeX Bitcointalk & Altcointalk threads, bringing new supporters to IoTeX.


iotxplorer, run by IoTeX Ambassador @k_its, is a true #BUIDLer and educator. iotxplorer has developed a beautiful website, which includes an Explorer, Delegate Insights, educational materials, and more! iotxplorer also writes helpful articles to break down concepts for IoTeX community.


LongZ, run by IoTeX Ambassador Wave, is one of the most influential voices in the IoTeX China community. The LongZ club is a paradise for Chinese IoTeX & blockchain enthusiasts. LongZ developed a VITA tracking system to help community with VITA bidding, and supports/promotes VITA in China and global community.

The Giving Block

The Giving Block (TGB) helps nonprofits adopt crypto and has worked with IoTeX on innovative ways to support charity! IoTeX received great recognition from Lupus Foundation, to which 50% of all TGB Delegate rewards are donated. TGB also works with other IoTeX Delegates to raise money and awareness for charity!

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