Staking Native IOTX with ioPay: Step-by-Step Instructions

1 min readJun 2, 2020

A core part of decentralized governance in the IoTeX Network is staking, where token holders deposit (“stake”) IOTX to facilitate network operations, consensus, and governance. By staking, token holders enhance the security of the IoTeX Network and earn IOTX rewards in return.

IoTeX utilizes Roll-DPoS consensus, where community-voted Delegates manage consensus on behalf of the IoTeX Network. Anyone can “stake” their IOTX and vote for one or more Delegates. You may find the full list of Delegates here and estimated staking returns here. For more details, please see our Voter’s Handbook.

In the rest of this blog, we share the process to stake/vote and the various choices/parameters you can set to customize your staking.

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