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IoTeX Tech AMA Livestream — December 7, 2018

Greetings everyone! Thank you for those who joined our tech AMA and livestream session on December 7th! We had a great time answering your tech related questions and talking about our technical progress so far and we would like to provide a brief summary for those of you who weren’t able to join, as well as, below you will find the questions that were chosen by the team and qualified for bonus points.

Session participants

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Livestream Recap

Our Staff Blockchain Engineer, Dustin, joins the session along with Larry and Raullen. Here’s a bit about Dustin’s journey and how he joined IoTeX:

High level explanation of the core features of Photon and why it has been an important milestone for IoTeX

  1. Scalability — we took another step forward to increase scalability by introducing sub-chains.
  2. Privacy — this is work in progress, that we will be focusing on during our next releases to keep enhancing the privacy of the blockchain, privacy-preserving smart contracts and transactions. We do actually, have our own in-house innovation, which is a combination of Plasma + our in-house cryptography, that forms a new privacy-preserving subchain, which we haven’t announced yet, but this is a good time to do that! Our engineers are working hard on sub-chains and once our Mainnet is released, we want to launch this privacy-preserving sub-chain with real uses cases.
  3. Developerability — we want to make this blockchain as a platform to be useful for developers and people. We have our engineers working on documentations, SDK’s, API’s so that people could connect to our blockchain and use our technology to build whatever they like.
  4. The last one would be our vision for the next 1–2 years and Larry is already working on some PR articles about blockchain & IoT which you can also find on our Medium page:

Mainnet Preview VS. Mainnet Alpha

  1. Security and reliability — once we launch this Mainnet, we will have real tokens/assets running on top of the blockchain and these two components would be super important.
  2. Supernode election program kick off — rules around BP’s election, who will be the maintainers for the entire IoTeX network and will be doing block production for the Mainnet and the sub-chains. This is very crucial to the success of the network, as we need to elect block producers who not only have a large stake but also contribute to the community side, marketing and development. Look out for staking requirements, governance and voting process coming soon!
  3. Improvements on the existing SDKs, APIs and documentation to allow developers to build something on top of our blockchain, as well as, introduce our own DApp, that is currently in progress.

Open sourced vs. private development of the blockchain

Raullen: So far there are two noticeable extremes of the blockchain projects. One is centralized teams and the other one is leaderless, for example bitcoin, that’s owned by the community. Open source seems to be in a transition mode, it’s controlled by a team and with time it gradually becomes owned by a community. Which is good, because at the beginning, we need a centralized effort to put everything together to make it work and once it’s launched, we can open it to other developers, ideas and cultures that will evolve it further. This is the stage where we are now actually. Right now most of the contributions come from the team but once our Mainnet is released, we would like developers to join and contribute their ideas to the IoTeX’s technology, that eventually will be owned by the community. For those of you who are interested in code contributions, feel free to contact the team on Gitter and see what are they ways you can get involved.

On trusted data & oracle

How our blockchain technology can support the growing number of IoT devices and what tech solutions we provide

Competition or cooperation with projects in the blockchain & IoT space

Thoughts on bear market

Ways the community can help IoTeX

Right now we have a global footprint of people who are helping us regionally to develop materials or post on social media or any other way they could be helpful. So if you are interested, you can find all the information in our blog or message Alina or Lori on Telegram. And on the tech side, we have a Gitter channel for the IoTeX developer community, that you can join and share feedback on the node set-up, report any issues or share ideas directly with our team.

On hiring

If you are interested in any of these positions, send us your resume at

Announcing the Winners!

1rthy, 1vbuw, 14juy, 16bjq, 1kzay, 15pmt, 1ncdj, 17vxw, 144vp

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