IoTeX Project Updates #15 — May 22 — June 25, 2019

Tech & Development >>>

Mainnet & Post-Mainnet Status Update

  • ~1 billion IOTX staked/voted (maintaining 30% of the 3.5bn circulating supply)
  • Almost 1,000 epochs
  • 50+ Delegates from 18 countries
  • An increase from 18 to 24 Consensus Delegates!
  • Welcome our newest Delegate: BlackPool and Citex
  • New Delegates coming: shEOS, Starfish, etc.
  • <RELEASED>Vitality (VITA) community token — our first token & Dapp
  • <COMING SOON>Member Portal — you one stop shop for all things blockchain & IoT
  • <COMING SOON>AvoBoard — our in-house hardware
  • Fix the double gas fee on contract deployment and execution;
  • Add new RPC APIs to query and subscribe to raw blocks;
  • Avoid signing asynchronous contract read request;
  • Improve BFT consensus pre-commit state handling;
  • Migrate project from go dep to go mod;
  • Use golang 1.12.5 compiler by default (but still compatible with 1.11.5);
  • Remove native voting protocol from the codebase.

Other Updates:

Vitality (VITA) Community Token

VITA Resources:

Partnerships, Collaborations & other

Delegate Updates


May 31 @ Shanghai — IoTeX Meetup

June 15 @ Palo Alto, CA — PoS CEO Summit

June 21 @ Shanghai — STAKING — Era of Mining

Community & Campaigns

💰Let’s Make Content Campaign (ongoing — end of June)

Vitality (VITA) Token Launch Celebration! 🚀 (ongoing — end of June)

Livestream AMA with Founders — May 31 ▶️

IoTeX News

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