IoTeX Project Update #5 — 7/9/18–7/26/18

Technical Updates

Technical Development

  • We have finished our “quality weeks”, fixing many code quality issues as well as improving the blockchain performance and robustness.
  • For example, DB writes speed have been improved by 10x while crypto operations have been improved by 4x.
  • We have started using Kubernetes to deploy and monitor TestNet, and are in the process of pushing it to a greater scale.
  • We are improving Roll-DPoS consensus implementation and are continuing on the candidate pool and advanced crypto library integration.
  • We are investigating different virtual machine and smart contract technologies.
  • We are working on several research papers, which finalize the Roll-DPoS design and the consensus simulation framework.

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Community Updates

Change/Verify ETH Address — New Profile System Feature

Rome Meetup

Top Left: Head of BD, Larry Pang | Top Right: Project supporter, Simone

Korea Blockchain Week

Block72 Blockchain x Industry Meetup

Block72 Blockchain x Industry #2 Meetup

#Hashed Night

IoTeX Co-founder Raullen Chai and Head of BD Larry Pang at #Hashed Night

Crypto Meets Korea Meetup/VIP Night

Livestream in China

Roll Dice Campaign

General AMA Campaign (July 20, 2018)

SF Cryptocurrency Devs Meetup

Upcoming Events

IoLove Creations Campaign (Ongoing until 7/30, 2PM PDT!)

About IoTeX



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