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IoTeX Project Update #10 — November 11- December 12, 2018

Greetings everyone! We are back with our project update #10 for 11/11/18–12/12/2018 period. In the last month, our team has continued to work hard in order to launch the fourth code release Mainnet Preview:Photon, open the Testnet to our community, along with SDK’s and developer documentation. We have prepared this blog post to do our a recap of our achievements and progress from the last report and share with our beloved community! Hope you enjoy 💙

Technical & Development Updates

This release marks an important milestone for our project and includes exciting new features that preview our full-feature Mainnet Alpha launch in Q1 2019:

  • Sub-chain provisioning: support of two independent blockchains (root chain, sub-chain), running on separate databases in the IoTeX network
  • Cross-chain communication: ability to transfer value from root chain to sub-chain, with IoTeX Wallet support across both chains
  • Consensus enhancements: performance enhancements to Roll-DPoS (1,000+ TPS & 100+ node tests), and new security improvements
  • IoTeX Explorer v2.0: separate IoTeX Explorer pages to visualize both root chain and sub-chain activities
  • And much more! For full details please see our blog and demo video below:

What can we expect in the coming months?

Photon marks the final version of the IoTeX Testnet — the countdown to our Mainnet Alpha launch in Q1 2019 has officially begun! Mainnet Alpha will be IoTeX’s biggest milestone yet, as it represents our formal transition from Testnet to Mainnet. To prepare for this important transition, the next few months will be action-packed across technical development, protocol / governance design, and thought leadership. Some exciting things to look out for over the next few months include:

  • Development of new features, including privacy-enabled sub-chains and hardware
  • Software development kits (SDKs) and documentation to start a Testnet node
  • Fully open Testnet, where users can validate transactions, build decentralized applications (DApps), and explore the IoTeX network first-hand
  • Block Producer (BP) Election Program details will be shared
  • Bug bounties targeted at hackers / developers
  • Research papers on sub-chains, cross-chain communication, and Roll-DPoS
  • Community rewards programs to test features and promote IoTeX
  • Proofs of concept and demos showcasing IoTeX in action
  • And more…

IoTeX Testnet is now Open!

We are also thrilled to announce that the IoTeX Testnet is fully open to the community! Using our new software development kits (SDKs) and step-by-step developer documentation, anyone can easily start their own Testnet node, run transactions, deploy DApps, and much more. We can’t wait to see the great things you will build!

IoTeX is proud to be one of the first blockchain projects to receive the Binance Gold Project label! 💪Now Binance users and IOTX holders can get in-depth details on IoTeX’s team, real-time trading statistics, token economics, general IoTeX news, and more on Binance Info.

New addition to our blog series on blockchain & IoT

In this blog, we take a deep dive into the multiple layers of the blockchain & IoT tech stack and describe how these layers ultimately come together to form end-to-end IoT solutions.

Community Updates

Thank you for proposing so many great names! We received over 12,600 submissions and out of five finalists, Photon was the winner with ~27% of total votes. Thanks to all who participated!

Since we love connecting with our community and supporters through not only fun, but meaningful engagements, we have launched a 3rd Roll Dice campaign, through which our community would have a deeper understanding of our most recent Mainnet Preview: Photon release.

General AMA — November 23, 2018

Livestream Tech AMA — December 7, 2018

Thank you for those who joined our tech AMA and livestream session on December 7th! We had a great time answering your tech related questions and talking about our technical progress so far and we would like to provide a brief summary for those of you who weren’t able to join, as well as, the questions that were chosen by the team and qualified for bonus points.

IoTeX Ambassadors Program

As we are growing fast on tech and partnerships development, we would like to continue focusing on our long-term success and grow our community in more regions and countries. Based on this initiative, we have launched the IoTeX Brand Ambassadors Program! Join us to build a stronger ecosystem together.

Please note: PHASE 1 of accepting applications has closed on November 9th @ 10PM PDT. PHASE 2 is currently open and you can review the details and application form here:

Events & Conferences

November 8 — CES2019 Unveiled in New York

We were honored to be invited as the ONLY blockchain company to CES 2019 Unveiled event in New York on November 8 and join the celebration party with other emerging tech trends that will dominate the CES show floor in January. See you all soon in Las Vegas!

November 15— Inclusive Fintech Summit in Singapore

Our co-founder Raullen was invited to attend the Inclusive Fintech Summit in Singapore and joined the panel discussion of “A Brand New World of Technology Convergence”, sharing thoughts on fintech development and adoptions.

You can also watch the recording of this session below (Raullen speak starting from 2:28:00)

November 16 — DVNCEO Summit in Mountain View

IoTeX is proud to be a Draper Network Portfolio company and we have been invited to attend DVNCEO Summit representing the blockchain sector and having an opportunity to have 1-on-1 meetings with 60+ Big Corporations like Panasonic, Delta Airlines, Siemens, CapitalOne, SAP, State Farm Insurance, TATA and more!

December 3–6— RISC-V Summit in Santa Clara

Our Head of Cryptography, Dr. Xinxin Fan attended this conference and got insights on Commercial & Open-Source Implementations, Software & Silicon, Vectors & Security, Applications and Accelerators, Simulation Infrastructure and much more with the industry leaders!

December 9–11— World Digital Asset Summit (“WDAS”) in San Francisco

Invited by New Do Venture, our co-founder Raullen attended WDAS 2018 hosted by IoT block, as the guest speaker at the Investor & Founder Panel discussing “Sharing Economy: A Testbed for Blockchain, IoT and Decentralized Governance” along with Origin protocol and Bee Token.

Community Contributions

IoTeX Explained #3— Privacy

This video was prepared by one of our Community Leaders, Simone, in which the benefits of a built-in privacy feature provided by the IoTeX blockchain is explained.

Interview of our Brand Ambassador, Simone

In this interview with Fabrizio, an Italian software developer and blogger, Simone’s shares lots of interesting insights about the industry and IoTeX.

Quick guide on setting up a Testnet node from our community supporter Fabrizio

Check out this great blog post from one of our Community Leaders and supporters cryptweeter

IoTeX News

Subscribe to our YouTube channel to watch the weekly project updates & other cool videos from us and our community!

Here’s our latest episode:

We have also opened a new Telegram channel for our developers and welcome you to join if you are interested in getting a hands-on experience with our blockchain and testing out it’s features.

Gitter Page to Communicate with the Tech Team!

In case if you have a technical problem, contribute code or want to discuss some cool ideas with our tech team, you can now reach them directly on Gitter

Don’t forget to subscribe to our newsletter to stay up to date with our latest updates!

About IoTeX

IoTeX is the privacy-centric blockchain platform that is fast, flexible, and the Internet of Things (IoT) friendly. IoTeX’s global team is comprised of distinguished research scientists, top-tier engineers, and experienced ecosystem builders. Designed and optimized for IoT, IoTeX uses state-of-the-art privacy, consensus, and sub-chain innovations to capture the full potential of IoT. By enabling trusted data, interoperability, and M2M automation, IoTeX bridges the physical and digital worlds and brings trusted machine economies to the masses.

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