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IoTeX & NKN — IoTalks Campaign Winning Submissions!

Last week, IoTeX & NKN launched our collaborative IoTalks episode titled “IoTalks: Connectivity w/ NKN.” IoTalks is your hub for REAL talks with REAL builders in the blockchain & IoT industry — watch the full video below!

We also held a special campaign for the IoTeX & NKN communities to share your best blockchain + IoT + connectivity use cases. Thank you to everyone who participated — we really enjoyed your creative responses!

Below we share the three winning submissions from @jIRKA_232, @AnnNikolenko, @KrushevskaK, which we selected based on the creativity, specificity, and relevance to blockchain + IoT + connectivity. Also two honorable mentions from @DPalekhov, @juliarabb1t!

Winning Submissions

Winner #1 — Smart Cities (@jIRKA_232)

Machine to machine payments for services — For example, a car going to a parking structure can ask the parking structure if there is an available spot (where/what level) and use cryptocurrency to seamlessly pay for it when entering/leaving the garage. This can also be adopted for sharing your driveway for parking in densely populated areas — You are on vacation for a week, let the unused space in front of your house make money for you in the meantime. All of this would happen automatically in the background and the car would just display information to the driver.

Winner #2 — Agriculture (@AnnNikolenko)

Agricultural decision support systems on farms can collect data on soil conditions from environmental sensors, allowing them to compare historical data, price forecasts and weather conditions. With such systems, farmers can receive valuable advice on when to plant plants, specific land to fertilize, when to start harvesting, and much more.

Winner #3 — Pet Care (@KrushevskaK)

1. Health/activity monitors — Smart collars and wearable tags can be used to keep track of a pet’s wellbeing. Equipped with various sensors including temperature, heart rate and respiration, activity and calorie intake.

2. Smart feeders — Effortlessly schedule pet feeding via mobile device and re notifications when a pet had lunch, including the amount eaten. We can manage the time and portion sizes remotely.

3. GPS tags — Small wearable tags can be attached to a collar to help owners keep an eye on the pet’s location. These GPS-enabled devices link to your mobile device and send notifications when your pet leaves a specific area (virtual leash). In case a pet gets lost, such a device can be a real life-saver.

4. Pet monitors, Interactive cameras — Similar to radio-nanny, pet monitors can help you plug in and see how your pet is doing while you are away.

Honorable Mentions

Honorable Mention #1 — Renewable & Energy (@DPalekhov)

Renewables and energy storage are becoming increasingly attainable and affordable, leading to the emergence of a new economic actor: producer-consumers. These “prosumers” are interested in selling their net excess energy through open, peer-to-peer (P2P) transactional ecosystems. Enabling P2P, decentralized, autonomous clean energy marketplaces will benefit the entire system. Intelligent hardware that offers data agility and ability to implement P2P transactions and smart contracts is the first and best defense against monopolies, oligarchies, or malicious actors looking to disrupt the grid.

Honorable Mention #2 — Elder/Baby Care (@juliarabb1t)

IoT sleep solution for elderly care and baby monitoring — This will automatically control the child’s heart rate, breathing rate, and body movement during a nap, and will signal if he or she stops breathing for more than 20 seconds or leaves the bed. Such technologies can be used to care for older people, signaling to caregivers and family members if a person suffers from breathing problems or has trouble getting out of bed.


Thank you to everyone who participated in our campaign and helped make it a success. More IoTalks are coming soon! Subscribe to IoTalks on YouTube and make sure to follow the official NKN & IoTeX channels below:

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