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IoTeX News Digest YouTube Campaign — December 16

Hello our dear community! For those of you, who have been following us for sometime, you know that we like to regularly keep you updated on the progress of our project and share the latest news. We regularly send out newsletters, monthly project update reports and share news and announcements daily on our Telegram channels, Twitter, and also through the weekly News Digest videos on our YouTube channel. In order for these videos to be even more interesting and valuable to our supporters, we would like to introduce a campaign series around it — meet the IoTeX News Digest YouTube Campaign! 🎉🎉🎉

Since our News Digest videos come out weekly on Sundays, this is when this campaign will take place as well. We hope you will find this campaign interesting and fun to participate in! Enjoy!

Campaign Period

⏰ December 16 from 3AM PST — December 17, 3AM PST

Steps to participate

  1. Join our Telegram Group and Telegram Announcement Channel
  2. Like & share IoTeX News Digest E21 video on Twitter OR Facebook OR Reddit (choose 1 channel)
  3. Leave a comment under the video and include the following information:

✅Answer to the question and feedback asked below the video
✅Provide the link (where you shared the video)
✅Your IoTeX Hash ID


To qualify for rewards, you must complete all the steps listed in the instructions. We will randomly select up to 5 winners that will receive 200 points and announce them by December 19 in our Telegram channel.

*Please note that one person can only participate once and we do not allow multiple submissions/accounts.

Announcing the winners

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About IoTeX

IoTeX is the privacy-centric blockchain platform that is fast, flexible, and the Internet of Things (IoT) friendly. IoTeX’s global team is comprised of distinguished research scientists, top-tier engineers, and experienced ecosystem builders. Designed and optimized for IoT, IoTeX uses state-of-the-art privacy, consensus, and sub-chain innovations to capture the full potential of IoT. By enabling trusted data, interoperability, and M2M automation, IoTeX bridges the physical and digital worlds and brings trusted machine economies to the masses.

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