IoTeX Joins Coinbase’s Rosetta to Simplify Blockchain & Exchange Integrations

At IoTeX, we believe in an open, safe, and human-centered future. Ever since our founding in 2017, IoTeX has been deeply committed to the open-source movement and “radical transparency”. Today we’re excited to take the next step to further expand the openness and possibilities of our platform— welcome Coinbase’s Rosetta to the IoTeX Network!

Developed by Coinbase, one of the world’s leading cryptocurrency exchanges, Rosetta is an open-source spec and toolkit that makes integrating with blockchains and exchanges simpler, faster, and more reliable. This specialized middleware opens the door to new IoTeX integrations with Coinbase and a growing network of Rosetta-friendly blockchains and exchanges. Rosetta introduces new node, exchange, and wallet APIs that will bring IoTeX to the next level — more integrations, more possibilities!

What is Rosetta?

Coinbase’s guide to Rosetta, including technical docs, can be found here.

Rosetta for the IoTeX Network

Rosetta provides a clean, accessible interface for both read and write operations, enabled by the Rosetta Data API and Construction API. As of mid-August, IoTeX has submitted and validated our Data API & Construction APIs, making IoTeX fully Rosetta ready! Explore more of the technical details below:

➡️ Rosetta Data API: provides the ability to access blocks, transactions, and balances of any blockchain in a standardized format. More details on IoTeX’s Rosetta Data API repository can be found via the link below:

➡️ Rosetta Construction API: provides the ability to write new data to a blockchain in a standardized format. IoTeX’s implementation is stateless, operate entirely offline, and supports detached key generation and signing. IoTeX’s Rosetta Consturction API repository can be found via the link below:

The above are implementations of rosetta-sdk-go, which is a collection of packages for interacting with the Rosetta API. The integration details and full Github codebase for IoTeX Rosetta gateway can be found via the link below:

What’s Next?

Rosetta removes technical obstacles associated with Coinbase exchange listings, Coinbase Earn, and Coinbase Custody — we look forward to exploring these opportunities in the future. For now, IoTeX will continue to contribute our insights and technical expertise to make Rosetta and other protocol integration frameworks even better.

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