IoTeX AMA w/Asia Blockchain Review — August 15, 2019

How is IoTeX’s consensus special or different from others?

Can you simplify us the architecture of IoTeX?

Currently, to store token IOTX according to ERC20 standard. And to create more opportunities for IOTX to develop, will IOTX in the future develop a blockchain platform for itself?

What is your view on 5G?

What is it trying to solve? And what purpose is it trying to serve to the community?

What are the staking rewards for your users?

What would motivate large companies to adopt IoTeX vs using their gigantic resources to develop in-house technology (or copy some of the existing blockchain projects, it’s “open source” after all)? Would smaller IoT companies have the foresight and resource to adopt the IoTeX platform?

With what exactly will you support app developers in the future?

What is the transaction limit and as a sidechain is a limitation the same as for the master? And if not how does it increase?

What role do you think IoTeX plays in increasing the adaptability of the blockchain on the global stage?

Why IoTeX separates the original chain for processing separately?what does it mean?

Where will all the IoT device data be stored? On hardware, or on the user/client side? Will the blockchain store all the data?

IoTeX uses Roll-DPoS consensus mechanism — a variant of Delegated Proof of Stake (DPoS). How effective has this new mechanism been? Does it happen often wrong during operation?

How would you compare the pros and cons of public vs private blockchain for IoT? Wouldn’t private blockchain be more appropriate for “privacy” aspect of usage? What if companies like IBM open source their IoT applicable code (where are they now in terms of IoT blockchain)?

IOTX is used to pay for transaction fees, create and execute Smart Contract in IoTeX’s network. Transaction speed is always the most important thing, how do IOTX avoid the occurrence of transaction bottlenecks? When today, everything must always ensure the speed of transactions.

Whats the ratio to swap VITA to IOTX?

What is the VITA token? What does it do in your project?

How would the upcoming 5G wireless technology impact IoT and/or IoTeX specifically? Is wifi or Bluetooth connection enough for blockchain IoT applications, or doesn’t really matter?

What will be the security measure to prevent root chain to be unaffected by sub-chains that do not function well or under attack or have bugs etc. Will IoTeX privacy feature cover the transaction data (receiver, sender, amount) or also smart contract data (inputs and outputs)?

What potential do IOT have? Why do you want to develop it?

How do you encourage developers to build applications on the blockchain?

Will IoTeX make rootchain-subchain protocol language-neutral, or will there only be one supported programming language? Also, will subchains have their own tokens?

What’s your view on Facebook also coming in crypto world?how do you see Facebook as competitor?

IoTeX’s direct competitor is probably only IOTA. Besides, IoTeX also has indirect competitors like Ethereum, EOS, Lisk … IOTX how to overcome them and have a strong foothold in the current blockchain map?

You plan to create, with the help of your partners, specific devices to run on your technology. But, what type of devices will be the first and how do you plan to implement them?

What are your plans and the execution for massive adoption? Also, retail node, is there any chance normal people like can establish node?

Who are your favorite Delegates and how is the program going?

Do gravity chain, root chain and layer2 chains support each other in the overall architecture of IoTeX?

Can we mine IOTX and, what’s the difficulty ratio? IOTX is one layer or two layer? Do you plan micro transaction integration at mobile devices market? Is IOTX forked or is it original code?

Can you mention some of your competitors in blockchain industry and how your project is beating them?

As an investor, what expansion plans does your company have and why invest in IOTX, what advantages does it offer compared to other companies?

What is the biggest challenge you face currently in terms of becoming a successful project or company?

It’s been a rough year so far and a lot of us are unsure about the future of many of the new projects this year. How does IoTeX reassure it’s investors and followers?

How did you guys survive in this long bear market and what difficulties have you encountered during this period?

What do you think is the biggest problem IOTEX will solve which is not solved by other projects yet and why is the problem important to solve?

Can you explain decentralized governance and decentralized economics?

What is IOXT’s goal in the coming years? (Finance, products, services, …)

Since we have a lot of questions regarding the tokenomics, please explain to us what role does IOTX token play in the ecosystem?
Tell us about your core team members background and how they started with the IoTeX?

One of benefits for development partners are hands-on advisory, in case of huge number of such partners, how would you distribute time to advise them?

What is IoTeX’s approach on privacy-preserving solutions for smart contracts?

What is your marketing strategy? What is your expectation of the project in crypto world?

Do you plan on monetizing the vast amount of data from the IoT devices, and how to do so? Will the data be owned by the users, or dApps, or IoTeX?

Whats the IoTeX charity for?

Why do you think your project needs the blockchain at all and more specifically why its own token? Why can’t you just use ETH?

IoTeX has a very impressive team, advisors and shareholders. How did you manage to gather all these people to work on your project? How many team members do you have?

I’d like to ask a question regarding mass adoption of IoTeX as it is significant to any person who is one way or another connected to the project: crypto regulations are probably the hottest topic right now. Let`s assume that IoTeX will expand and be adopted in the USA and China as an underlying tech to support massive IoT industry and both governments would decide to mark cryptocurrencies as illegal. IOTX is for sure mandatory in IoTeX ecosystem for devices to communicate and so on so how such a problem would be dealt with?

You’ve recently formed partnerships with Chainlink, Lineable to name but a few. Can you talk a little about these partnerships and how they help support the IoTeX ecosystem?

Are there some major partnership in the works? I’m also interested in how you do immediate transactions? Do you anticipate scaling issues?

Can you tell me what IOTEX has done and plan to do to achieve ADOPTION in the reality, real use cases, our real society…?

What is your context and how did you come up with an idea to create your project?

Hi Larry u r very passionate & I’m curious to know with so many different people who have such brilliant creative minds ,how do you all gel so well & If one comes up with a creative idea how do you all execute it & what’s the next big move to compliment IoTex..

Announcing the Winners 🎁 500 IOTX + 1000 VITA 🎁

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Building the Internet of Trusted Things:

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IoTeX Team

IoTeX Team

Building the Internet of Trusted Things:

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