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IoTeX AMA summary w/ CryptoCalibur!

Thank you to everyone who has participated in this live Telegram AMA co-hosted with Crypto Calibur. Please find below a summary of the session.

🎈Winners of the most interesting questions🎈

Telegram ID’s of the winners 💰@Amazongirl, @bitboyss, @cryptollll, @dakhu123, @Mission2000, @molly789, @SENTlover, @Sent13, @

About IoTeX

IoTeX began the journey in 2017 to build the Internet of Trusted Things, where all physical and virtual “things” — humans, machines, businesses, and dApps — can efficiently exchange information and value at global scale. Backed by a global team of research scientists and top engineers, IoTeX combines blockchain, trusted hardware and edge computing to realize the full potential of IoT.

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Building the Internet of Trusted Things:

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