IoTeX AMA Livestream w/ Founders — October 22/19

Session participants

Livestream Video

See the timestamps under the video of the main topics and questions discussed in this AMA

Livestream Recap/Highlights

  • Mainnet Beta Launch & project updates
  • Decentralized Identity {DID} & the Internet of Trusted Things

Mainnet Beta Launch & project updates

  • Expanding the Consensus Delegates Pool from 12 to 24 to 36
  • Upgraded EVM
  • Faster block production & TPS
  • Optimized data storage — now running a node in our network is easy & cost-effective!
  • New cross-chain transfers - we have a partnership with a stable coin called NUSD {Neutral Dollar}, that has launched about 4 months ago. NUSD is comprised of a basket of stable-coins, in order to eliminate the risk of high volatility of crypto-assets for users.


Questions from the community:

Q1: Is there a way that IoTeX can protect user data on our mobile phones?

Q2: Monetizing data

Q3: What is your vision to reach mass adoption?

Q4: How will you keep up with technology and future competitors?

Q5: How big is the IoT space?

Q6: How can the community support IoTeX?

Q7: IoTeX x Supply chain

Q8: Why do you think your idea needs the blockchain?

Q9: What plans do you have to help drive the demand and scarcity for the IoTeX token?

Q10: IOTX available for US residents

🎈🎈Winners of the most interesting questions🎈🎈

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