IoTeX Charity Program I — Update

It has been almost 2 months since we founded IoTeX community and our community never ceases to amaze us. With our community, we have shared cryptography knowledge through a deceptively simple math problem, received valuable suggestions and perspectives for our roadmap in AMA, and, most impressively, we have demonstrated how much we value the exhaustive research conducted by the pioneers in blockchain technology industry, and support them through our charity program to ETH Foundation.

Why Charity?

Connecting the physical world block by block is a very ambitious goal, and we cannot make it happen without a supportive community. We want everyone in our community to be proud of being part of this journey, do our part to push the frontier for the development of the blockchain ecosystem, witness the technology evolve from 0 to 1, and ultimately improve our lives.

Here at IoTeX, hosting a charity program is a bold attempt, and picking “the right” charity organization is not an easy task. IoTeX strongly believes that we can advance the entire blockchain industry through rigorous research and collaboration, and we should financially support young professionals so they can focus on their research. The ETH Foundation does exactly what we value, which is why we choose them and asked our community to help us promote our cause.

Donation Overview

We have received tremendous responses from the community to help fund the blockchain research. In just few hours, the charity program whitelist registration applications exceeded our goal of 3,000 applications. With gratitude we closed the sign up channel much earlier than planned. After the verification process, there are about 2,500 participants approved to proceed with the donation process.

During the 24 hours donation period, our smart contract has successfully supported 1,515 donors with total of 340 ETH donations to ETH foundation! You can check the donation detail here: All donations went directly to the ETH Foundation and promptly helped the talents and the brightest minds continue their research without worrying about funding and give them a boost to discover the next breakthrough around the corner.

Charity Program Statistics and Comments

During the Charity Program donation process, we received many great responses and comments from our supporters, which give us huge confidence to carry this vision together with our community and to bring the blockchain into the physical world step by step! Thanks to our beloved community, the charity donation campaign has been a great success! Let’s take a look at some of the charity program statistics.

Source: Tableau Interactive Dashboard
Source: Tableau Interactive Dashboard

Impressive comments of “How did you know IoTeX?”

🦄 Douglas30

“It develops blockchain technology that is meant to scale up for higher and wider purposes than current blockchain does. Also the team is stellar, looking forward to IoTeX next breakthrough development.”

🦄 Dr. MSc. Panagiotis Mentis

Coinfreak Chat Telegram Group. The first reason to invest in IoTeX is personal desire of acquaintance with innovating high tech technology. During my PhD. in University of Bundeswehr (Munich, Germany) in 2003–2006, under sponsorhip and scholarship by Siemens, I impemented a telecomms equalising and simultaneously decoding algorithm, nationally & worldwide patented by Siemens Corporate Technology AG as “Mentis-Schaffler decoder”. It’s widely being used today in modern mobile GSM 4G P.P. Standard as well as satellite communication. The main reason for its adoption is achieveness of optimum SNR per bit Signal to Noise ratio, better than GSM’s, which was considered absolutely supreme at the time! Thus, I am excited about a new project, which will implement a different architecture & approach in blockchain technology. As an engineer, I find this particularly exciting!

The second reason for desiring to invest in IoTeX, is willingness to own the best cryptocurrencies in a long term basis. I am a crypto-enthusiast, and I would not forgive myself if at least I did not try to participate in the project.

I am founder and owner of a small chain of private schools and publishing companies in Athens, Greece. Our “Mentis” schools, are the first and yet the only ones in Greece that started to accept tuition fees’ payment in cryptocurrencies! Bitcoin, Ethereum, Neo, Icx, Eos. If I get selected, our schools would be the first to accept fees and payments in IoTeX currency as well! You have now my writing assurance of that.

Being owner and manager of these schools, I aspire many of my tech-loving teenager students, as to the benefits of cryptos and especially Blockchain 3.0, that is IoTeX. If I get selected, and mainnet runs as planned, I can encourage a lot of my students to accumulate IoTeX.

🦄 Coolgirl

“Because this is the first project that use charity to help this world better, which I think is a good idea.”

🦄 Mylo

Found about about IoTeX through Crypto/blockchain community. Your project has the potential to change the way we interact with technology and will drive further development of technology and change the way we live forever. Unlike many other projects, you are looking at more than “just raising money” and building a solid community around your project.

🦄 George Varghese

Learned about it from telegram group and read the white paper and mission and am very pleased and supportive of this project. As a medical practitioner I personally see the benefits of charity and humble giving of our time, talent, and treasure. It’s a privilege to be part of something has revolutionary as IoTeX and still help the world be a better place.

🦄 AhmadC

Following trending telegram channels. Because I believe that the current crypto market hype does not fulfill the ultimate objective (most investors today are currently speculators) and this will eventually fade. Current leading cryptos will be replaced by a handful that fulfill the larger objective of decentralized stable store of value and decentralized utility, like what IoTeX is trying to accomplish.

🦄 Shahmeer Chaudhry

“Love blockchain and future technologies, IoTeX seems to be revolutionary and I want to be a part of the change in the world. I believe that the biggest issue in Blockchain today is the lack of real world usage even though it can be applied in so many ways. IoT can reshape our society and is of the premier use case of Blockchain.”

🦄 Dinh Quang Ngoc

“I know IoTeX through Icodrops and some social media as Twitter, Medium, etc. I am interested in IoTeX because this is latest decentralized network for IOT, it can be solved scalability problem and privacy, is a network of many blockchains that are hierarchically arranged. In addition, cross blockchain transactions are supported to transfer value and data from subchains to rootchain. These are all new things for a renovation.”

🦄 BoA

“Word of mouth. The charity concept is interesting as it will help a lot of people.”

🦄 Kolawole O Ebunlomo

“I got to know of IoTeX through I’m interested in the Project first as a Blockchain enthusiast who is naturally inclined to support in every way possible, projects that dares to stretch the frontiers of Blockchain and provoke mainstream adoption; conditions I’m content IoTeX satisfies. Furthermore, I’m particularly fascinated by the unique and stellar features that IoTeX sets out to achieve as I’m convinced that the project’s ambition supersedes all other alternatives that currently exist within the Internet of things (IOT) space. More importantly, I repose the highest level of trust in the ability of IoTeX all-star-team to actualize this great project. ”

For most of us, blockchain technology introduced itself through cryptocurrency, and the monetary properties do have created overwhelmed hype and excitements. At IoTeX, we believe the real fortune has yet to be discovered: the cutting edge blockchain-in-blockchain architecture will address the scalability, privacy, isolatability, and developability issues relating to the IoT DApps and ecosystem growth. With the understanding and support from this amazing community and our dedicated work to create the next generation of the IoT-oriented blockchain platform, the golden age of blockchain technology is on the horizon.

If you missed our 1st charity program and want to know more about it, please check➡️IoTeX Charity Program. We will have more community reward programs including more charity programs coming in the next couple of month. Welcome to join again!

About IoTeX

IoTeX is dedicated to creating a decentralized platform of IoT-oriented and privacy-centric blockchain to address the scalability, privacy, isolat-ability, and develop-ability issues of IoT DApps and ecosystem growth through its core innovation of the ’blockchain-blockchains’ architecture. IoTeX is aimed to be the one who connect the physical world block by block as well as push the frontier of blockchain 3.0.

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IoTeX Team

IoTeX Team

Building the Internet of Trusted Things:

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