Another year, another adventure. IoTeX had a monumental year in 2020 — we made massive upgrades to our platform and protocols, launched the first “Powered by IoTeX” products, and expanded our global community. With a solid foundation in place, IoTeX will carry our strong momentum into 2021 with a refreshed focus on growth, awareness, and adoption.

2021 will be the year IoTeX becomes the leading blockchain platform for the Internet of Things (IoT).

In 2021, IoTeX will introduce the first decentralized autonomous machines (DAMs) that will unleash powerful DeFi & IoT applications that are only possible on IoTeX. A new…

Greetings IoTeX community! We are back with our Monthly Project Update for March. IoTeX’s Q1 2021 saw an overflow of new research, partnerships, and ecosystem initiatives. But behind-the-scenes, we have also been cooking up one of our largest blockchain upgrades to date: Mainnet v1.2 is coming soon!

Here’s a quick digest in case you’ve missed anything ;)

During the first quarter of 2021, we saw an overflow of announcements from IoTeX, including new research, partnerships, and ecosystem initiatives. But that just scratches the surface of what the IoTeX core team has been up to. Behind-the-scenes, we have continued aggressive development to enhance the “heart” of the network, iotex-core, the blockchain protocol run by all Delegates and full-nodes that gives life to the entire IoTeX Network.

In addition to massive performance and security enhancements, a new batch of upgrades across EVM, blockchain database, and node management will be packaged into our highly anticipated Mainnet v1.2 release, which is…

IoTeX and Scaleout are partnering to enable trusted, end-to-end machine learning and the first community-owned machine learning models via Initial Model Offerings (IMO).

Machine learning is all about learning and extracting value from data — if data is the new gold, then machine learning is the smelting process. As our world becomes more digitized, the data we use to train the machine learning models that will one day control/influence our vehicles, cities, and health must be raised to a higher standard. The $10 billion machine learning industry has yet to reach its full potential due to centralized control of the…

IoTeX has joined the Amazon Web Services Partner Network (APN) as a Select Technology Partner and partnered with AWS China & High Cloud to optimize Cloud storage and backend services for Ucam in China. We will explore opportunities with AWS to streamline global operations for IoTeX Delegates, many of which run their nodes on AWS, as well as incorporate AWS IoT services to enhance the capabilities of Pebble Tracker, which is optimized for AWS storage and other backend services.

We are also bringing IoTeX technology to AWS developers with the listing of our Pantheon enterprise blockchain on the AWS marketplace…

Greetings IoTeX community! We are back with our Monthly Project Update for February 2021. During the past month, our community voted for the top Pebble Idea-Thon uses cases, we released an onboarding pack for our community, our Pebble & Ucam got tons of coverage in the media, CYC got listed on Hotbit, and much more!

Here’s a quick digest in case you’ve missed anything ;)

IoTeX has joined the Executive Committee of the China Mobile IoT Alliance, an invite-only network of 1,600+ enterprise members that include China’s leading IoT manufacturers, service providers, and distributors. As the only public blockchain in the Alliance, IoTeX will leverage our leadership role to introduce blockchain technology to the $350 billion China IoT industry. This appointment to the Executive Committee expands our active leadership roles in top enterprise consortiums like the IIC, IEEE, and CCC.

Over the past year, IoTeX has worked within the China IoT Mobile Alliance to develop new IoT solutions in blockchain-based facial recognition and supply chain…

Greetings IoTeX community! We are back with our Monthly Project Update for January 2021. During the past month, we have introduced the first-ever IoTeX Idea-Thon, published the first use-cases for Pebble, welcomed a new advisor, new listing, and wrapped up the month with publishing our 2021 Roadmap!

Here’s a quick digest in case you’ve missed anything ;)

IoTeX is excited to announce our partnership with Global Digital Assets Corporation (GDAC), a professional services company based in Dubai & Australia. GDAC works with governments and large private organizations in fast growing economies (e.g., Middle East, Asia), helping to bring in new emerging technologies, use open innovation to solve large-scale problems, and work with regulators to create new economic opportunities.

In January 2020, GDAC was appointed by Smart Dubai and the Dubai Future Council on Blockchain (headed by Sheik Hamdan Bin Mohammed Al Maktoum) as a core partner to lead the Dubai Foresight Initiative to create a future technology…

Our world looks much different than it did a year ago. The shocks of 2020 are still fresh in our minds, but remembering our world as it was a decade ago in 2010 is truly night and day. Uber was still in R&D mode, DoorDash was not even a company, and voice assistants like Alexa were still a futuristic concept. Centralized corporations fueled this decade of disruption through a vicious cycle of consumer naïveté and corporate greed— but times have changed, and decentralization matters now more than ever.

A decade of disruption followed by a decade of decentralization. …


Building the Internet of Trusted Things:

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